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Please check the appropriate box / 請在適當之方格內加剔

Minimum donation $2,500 / 捐款額二千五百元或以上
Minimum donation $3,000 / 捐款額三千元或以上 (Please each fill out a form / 夫婦需分別填表)
Minimum donation $5,000 / 捐款額五千元或以上
* Tax receipt will be available for your donation / 永久會員之捐款可獲免稅收據
Please print / 請用正階填寫

Personal Informations

(Name of Organization or Corporation / 機構正式名稱)

Sex: M / 男 F / 女

(Not applicable for Corporate Members / 機構會員不必填寫)

Date of Birth / 出生日期

(Date incorporated / 機構成立之年份)

(Nature of the Organization or Corporation / 機構之類型或性質)

(Please specify name of contact person if Corporate Member / 機構會員請註明聯絡人姓名)

Contact Informations

(not applicable for Corporate Members 機構會員不必填寫)


Membership Application Form 會員申請表

New Membership 新會員 
Renewal of Membership 續會   Update my information 更新我的資料
Membership No 會員編號 
Name 名稱
Membership Fees 會員費
Contact Information 聯絡信息 
Language 語言
Contact method * 聯繫方式* Mail 郵件  E-mail 電子郵件  Phone 電話
S.U.C.C.E.S.S. respects the privacy of its members. We collect and use members’ information solely for administering the membership program within S.U.C.C.E.S.S. organizations and we will not disclose members’ information to any third party without members’ consent.
I would like to learn more about becoming a Life Member. 我想了解更多有關成為終身會員的信息。
Comment 評論

Items with * must be completed in order to process Membership Enrollment *的項目必須填寫才能處理會員註冊


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